Wednesday, October 04, 2006


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In her latest series Plastic Baroque, Emmanuelle
Gauthier explores the latest techniques of digital
manipulation to create a refined and glamorous
body of work. Layering lush imagery and sensibility of
European and American painting to create
contemporary photographs of intricate beauty. Her
composition is simultaneously dense and fluid with rich
coloration and painterly quality.
Emmanuelle explores a favorite subject in different
hues, her candy colors entice the viewer. Creating a
dreamy allure the images are charged with a Baroque
sensibility, seducing the viewer with fairytale
settings and subtle luminosity.


Incorporating painting into my photography and
using special transfer techniques I give them the look
of a colorized daguerotype.
Adding a single color to the entire image, the color
then becomes as important as the image. I'm mostly
draw to French Baroque and 19 century American
landscape painting. The vibrancy of the colors and
the plexiglass presentation gives this series a
contemporary sleek and plastic feel...Combining the
old with new I reinterpret classical imagery into a
modern, original and enigmatic aesthetic.

Emmanuelle Gauthier,
New York, 2006-

Edition of 3 + 2 Artist proof-
2 sizes available: 30 X 40 Inches, 20 X 24 Inches-
"Syrup" Series is available on nine colors in 20 X 23 Inches, and 40 X 46 inches for wall installation-

Monday, May 08, 2006

Emmanuelle Gauthier

Emmanuelle Gauthier

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Irreverent Dinosaurs/ Dreamscape X-

Women / Writings XI-

Bleu ( Palais des Glaces) XII-

Dynamics XIII-

Men with Honor XIV

Traumatic Childhood XV-

Animals (Horses) XVI-

Versailles XVII-

Family Ties ( Deers) XVIII-

- Oil Crusaders XIX-XXI-

Bird-Rebirth I-

Animals-Venice II-

Paradox-Venice III-

Animals-Venice (Lion) IV-

Statues/ Venice Interiors VII-

Man/ Venice Interiors VIII-

Endangered Bears/ Venician Interiors IX-

Edition of 3 + 2 AP, Custom C-Print, mounted on plexiglass-
Only available in 2 sizes- 20 X24 Inches and 30 X 40 Inches-