Friday, January 06, 2006

*PURSUIT* Exhibition

Edition of 5,
archival C-print mounted on plexiglass

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Paintings/ collages

-Colored-Palms- 16X 20 Inch- Acrylic, oil, crayons on canvas


-Explosions-29X25 Inches- Acrylic, crayons on canvas-


-Too Long-
Acrylic on Canvas-
11 X 10 Inches-

-Superheroes, Futuristic vectors of Speed, political subtext about saving the Earth-
Acrylic, Glitter on Canvas-
10.5 X 11 Inches-

-*Stars-Microcosms-Infinitly small- Scenes within scenes......*-
Acrylic on Canvas-
11 X 11 Inches-

-Sea Lavender (Sympathy)-
Acrylic on Canvas
9.7 X 11.2 Inches-

-Rose Capucine-
Acrylic on Canvas-
10 X 11.2 inches-

-Please wake up-
Acrylic, Oil, Glitter on Canvas-
11.5 X 11.5 Inches

-Pink Clove (True Close)-
Acrylic on Canvas-
9.9 X 10.8 Inches

-Olivier (Peace)-
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas-
10 X 10.1 Inches-

-Myrtle (Love)-
Acrylic on canvas-
Size: 11 X 9.5 Inches-

-Lonely Girl-
Acrylic on canvas...
Size:11 X 11 Inches-

-Around The World-
Acrylic, glitter on canvas
Size: 11 X 11 Inches

-Amaranthe (Immortality)-
Acrylic, glitter on canvas-
10.2 X 10.5 inches-

Acrylic, Oil, Glitter on canvas-
11X 11 Inches-

Baby Jesus,
12 X 18 Inches
acrylic, photo collages on canvas
Copyrighted by Emmanuelle Gauthier
"Higher Visions"
8 X 6 inches
acrylics and press clippings on woodboard


-Deepest Blue-